Saturday, April 19, 2008

Family Picture

We had a chance to have all of our children meet in Oklahoma so of course we took they opportunity to take a family picture. This is the first picture that we have that is not out of date when we took it, because we are all here and no one else is on the way YET. The day was so cold and the kids did so good. We had to sit in the cars between pictures to let the kids get warm, but all in all it was very memorable. Ray and I so look forward to these precious times with all of our family, as you can see we can't stop smiling. Always remember life is to short to not enjoy these special times.On the back row Left to Right Curtis, Joe, RJ, Ray, Sam & Hans
Second row Crystal, Vance, Alyse, Alethia, Ashley, Carla, Olivia, Ella, Kelsie, Holly & Breann
Front row Darron, Emarie & Isaac

Our Kids

Ray and I are so proud of our children they are all such wounderful people.
These pictures were taken on one of the coldest days in Oklahoma.
These have to be seven of the cutes kids in the world. Papa and Mimi don't look happy at all do we.