Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year and we hope that all of you are healthy and happy. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Welcome to Graceland

Welcome to Graceland after seeing all these pictures you won't need to see it. (ha ha just kinding everyone should see it JUST once, just to say you did).

They just don't make them like these anymore. That a look at that Pink Cadillac.

This is the living room and music room.

Rooms Rooms Rooms

This is my favorite room because it is purple. This was Elvis parents room.
This of course is Precilla and Lisa Marie, and the next picture is the dinning room.

This is the TV room. Every room had one TV or more.

More Rooms

Late 60's kitchen look at the carpet.
Dig the Pool Room.

This is the Jungle Room.

Carla on the backside of the house.

This is just some of the donations he gave to different people and groups. Each of this checks are for a thousand dollars.


This is some of Elvis records there was a lot more. This is in his racketball court.

Just a few of the famous suits. Beleive me there was a lot more.


The sink is lined in gold . A little overboard don't you think.

This the Lisa Marie Air Plane is it screamin 60's & 70's or what.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Girls night out

On the way home we had a girls night out. Don't worry Breann and Holly we will get one when we are in Arizona.

Dougs Kids

Do they look like Doug or what.

Snowflake Family

The trip would not have been complete with out seeing Grandpa George, Aunt Rena, Uncle Ryan, Clay, Doug and his cute little ones.

Sweet Grandma

Bridget and I with Grandma Gay and Mom.

Nana & Grandma

Holly, Kelsie and Breann came up to Show Low to see us and the grandmas.

AZ Trip

As you all know Crystal, Vance and I went to Arizona to see Grandma Gay. Well we had to take some pictures. Not bad for 99 years old.