Monday, May 19, 2008

Mom & Terri

While we were in Arizona for the CF walk we had a chance to see family and go to dinner with my Mom and my sister Terri I don't think of her as an inlaw she is my Sister. You Can't make a trip to Show Low without a stop at the Queen. Aren't they the so cute We Love You Guys thanks for everything.Yes we are getting older but dang we look good.

CF Walk

As many of you know we have two daughters that have Cystic Fibrosis and every year for the last few years we have done a walk to help raise money for the research program. Ray and I try to go to it as much as we can. It has grown over the years and we have the good fortune of meeting lots of really great poeple. If you go to the link on this web site under Alethia & Joe you will see our Oklahoma kids at the CF walk in Oklahoma City. Because it is so hard for them to travel to Arizona they started this year to walk in Oklahoma we love that they support there sisters. After all Family is the only thing in life that is always there for each other. We hope and pray that all of you take the opportunity to spend time together as familys. Here are just a few of the pictures we took of the event. This is our family shirt.


This is Kelsie's Tike from the Ewoks movie look. But this is what see really looks like most of the time. Sweety Pie
Breann was popping Popcorn that we gave away free Holly & I made the Cotton Candy we were the hit of the day. As you can see we are wearing it to.

Famous Daves

Dinner at Famous Dave's Ray favorite place.Ray, Rj & Ashley it was so good.
Hans, Holly & Kelsie
Kelsie loved the Pig she thought he was the best.

Bryant Family

We loved getting to see so much family and the kids are just so much fun. We need to get together more often. This picture of Aubree is By MadisonRay & Dad
Our Good Friends Rick & Kelly
We happened to run in to Renae at the Dairy Queen and got to visit with her.


Jordyn she is so much like Doug.Madison took this picture of herself and many more of everyone else.
Tatum by Madison
Uncle Ryan, Doug & Tatum

More Family

Doug, Caitlynn and Kenyan I hope I spelled everyones names right.Carl and Madison he is such a loving Daddy.
Clay what a cute face.
Aunt Rena, Clay, Kenyan & Mason such good loves.


As some of you know we had some very big storms and had some flooding this year. I thought it would help you that have been here to get an idea of the amount of water I would put these pictures on my blog. This is the end of the walkway on the river, you will see another picture of the walkway down a few pictures.This is a pictures about a year ago at almost the same place. If you look at the gaurdrail it is in both pictures and you can see the top of the green sign in the picture above. The people in the picture are Ray of course and Dave and Anna McCorkle.


This picture is between the flood walls. This is the walkway.
This is the grass that is above the seats infront of the bandstand.
The five poles you see sticking out of the water is the poles on the back of the bandstand.