Thursday, February 21, 2008

Disney World

We had the wonderful pleasure of going to Disney World with Alethia, Darron, Alyse and Breann. We had so much fun, of course who wouldn't with this Castle in the back ground.Don't they look great with Donald.

Tea Cups

Darron and Papa go wild on the tea cups.
Mimi, Alyse and Alethia take it a little easier.
Breann, Alethia and Darron on a small roller coaster.

Mickey Mouse Club House

All of the kids just loved watching Mickey Mouse Club House.

This picture was taken just for Isaac

A ride on Papa's shoulders is always fun.Darron and I are on te back roll and Ray is on the second to the last in the blue shirt.
Darron saying hi to Timon
Sorry I couldn't get this picture to turn right. This is close as Alyse cares to get to Mickey.


After Alethia and the kids left Ray, Breann and I went to Universal it was great fun.Breann and I are soaking wet from the last ride, which Ray would'nt go on.