Wednesday, January 30, 2008

As some of you know Curtis, Crystal and Vance spent Christmas with us. We enjoyed them so much and we did lots of fun things. We went to Nashville and spent a very fun day seeing all kinds of good stuff. I will tell you one thing we miss having all my family together for the Holidays it's just not the same. Don't get me wrong We loved having Currtis, Crystal and Vance but we would have loved having all of them here fights and all. We just want our Children to know how much we love them, and how proud of them we are, for the great people they have grown up to be. We thank my Heavenly father every day for our kids thier spouse and our beautiful grandchildren. Stay strong and endure to the end.
Photo op for the family on Christmmas eve, one of the missionaries is taking the picture.
Ray and I at the Grand Old Opry.

This is pictures from the Gaylord Hotel in Nashville. We wanted the kids to see it keep in mind that these pictures are all inside the Hotel.
We so enjoyed having Curtis, Crystal and Vance with us for Christmas.
Ray and I with one of are cute grandsons Vance
This is a beautiful nativity the have there.

This was the neatest bush I have ever seen. And as you can see she is very pretty.

It was so strang to see a bush walking around.

Vance loved the fish. Here he is waving goodbye to them.

We took the Kids to the famous Lamberts Cafe in Sikeston Missouri. They are famous for throwing rolls to those who want one. Here is the man who throws the rolls everyone should go it is a lot of fun and man can they feed you. We had a hard time walking back to the car because we were so full.

Papa and MeMe's tub is so big and so much fun don't I look great
I have to get to the bottom of the toy box, and it is more fun from in here.
MeMe loves sharing her food with me and she can't stop looking at me because I am so cute
I had to sit on the presents to see if they were strong enough to stand up to me. Sorry MeMe can't get it to turn the right way. My train is so much fun but it doesn't taste so good.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Vance loves Papa's glasses
There is nothing as fun in this world as, Papa throwing you in the air.
I have to do my share of the work

Vance loves dancing with the doodle bops.