Wednesday, May 6, 2009

As some of you may know Ray and I went on a Cruise to the Mexican Riviera with my brother Chris and sister in law Terri. This was going to be so cool, until the swine flu hit. Yes that’s right it kept us from getting to get off the ship and they turned us around and sent us back to San Francisco. As you can imagine some of the people were not real happy. So they caused riots and things onboard of course we found that out later. All we saw was the masses of people. We decide to not let it get us down so we just made the best of it and did all the fun things there are to do onboard. The shows were fantastic ever night and of course so was the food. We all enjoyed the Gym and the Spa. It was a very relaxing time. We had to stop in Long Beach and drop off all the whiners. There was over six hundred people who got off. Once again we leave long beach and head for San Francisco. Once we got to San Francisco we slowly head under the Golden Gate Bridge which was very close. When we get off the boat it is raining and rained for the whole six hours that we had. We got to see Fisherman’s Wharf and Garidelli Square. We then thought it would be great to ride a trolley car. We took it to the trolley car museum, China town and down town. On the way back it started to rain harder, we had a young women on the trolley who live in San Francisco and we ask her if they ever had problems with the trolley cars and she said only in the rain. She got off and we didn't think much about it (UNTIL) we started down the last hill and all of a sudden we are going really fast and we zip right thru and intersection. The driver yells hang on and then we go thru the second intersection, by this time we are really going fast and he is pulling on every brake they have and finally he pulls the Big Red Brake we come to a screaming smelly stop and are all in shock from what just happened and the driver tells us all to get off. We all just sit there, like what. The driver says really this is the end, you have to get off. So we all get off and walk the rest of the way down the hill. So we all know how blessed we are to be safe. All in all it was a fun time and we will never forget our Cruise to NOWHERE. Thanks Chris and Terri we Love you Guys.